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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 18, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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as you look at the harrisburg expressway, everything is pretty quiet. no problems around 695 either. as we look at the beltway, big picture, no problems. except for that water main break repair. still closed between graylin and rolling road. snow going on in the fort mchenry tunnel, that's been cleared. white marsh boulevard and the beltway, southbound on 95, just taking about 3 minutes. between 83s just a minute there. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. travel times are normal. looking at the traffic cameras. city cameras, it is pretty quiet. megan and jamie, back to you. traffic's always an issue during our morning commute around baltimore, but it's a bigger issue this morning. >> combine that with all the money it's taking to clear the snow off the roads, we have a
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serious dilemma. >> sherrie johnson is at one of several locations where crews are dumping snow. >> reporter: we're at m&t bank stadium. you can see more crews have been working all night long. they're trying to take huge piles of snow off street corners and are dumping the snow in this lot. you can see the dump truck backing up here. they just back up and unload the snow. baltimore city leaders started dumping the snow at the inner harbor this week, but the extra trucks and equipment being used is also adding 20 to 30 minutes to your morning commute. we've seen a lot of traffic congestion lately. crews with heavy-duty trucks are dumping it in the parking lots here. the bulldozing machines are coming in one after the other to clear away the snow. city leaders say the issue of
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snow has added to an economy concern. >> just another thing that's going to add to our budget deficit. i'm sure we'll be looking at ways we can be creative. hopefully we get money from the federal government. in my opinion, i look at this as a national disaster for the whole state of maryland. >> as you can see, back out here live, the trucks keep on coming. one right after another. they pretty much have this parking lot just about filled up at this point. they only have a little bit of room to go, left. the city is also dumping lots of snow near the green mount cemetery and canton water park. reporting live at m&t bank stadium, sherrie johnson abc2 news. . not all the roads are completely plowed, not all the sidewalks are completely clear.
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made for an venture in many areas, but most agree it's good to be back. nancy grasmick is asking the board to shorten the academic year because of all the snow we've seen. grasmick says some of the school systems may have to shorten their spring break or extend the school year into the summer. only on abc2 news this morning: it's part of women's health week. we're looking at the top five cancer's affecting women. >> linda sow has more. >> reporter: women can do a lot in the way of prevention, eat right, exercise, stay active and don't smoke. these life choices really make a difference. breast cancer is most common among women, if it's detected early your chances of survival are high. lung cancer is second leading cancer and can be more deadly
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because there's no screening tool to detect this cancer. the best thing to do to avoid it is don't smoke. colon cancer is third. uterine cancer is another one to look out for. symptoms include abnormal bleeding or longer menstrual cycles. and finally non-hodgkin's lymphoma rounds out the top five. this cancer attacks the immune system. >> it really comes down to the early detection issue. if we can catch it early enough, it's treatable, curable. that's really what we want for all our patients. >> so you heard it from the doctor. don't forget to get regular cancer screenings and make healthy lifestyle choices. coming up in our next half hour, we'll tell you which of these five cancers is most preventable. >> linda, thank you. it's now 5:04. the ravens have signed wide receiver donte stallworth to a
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1-year deal. stallworth served 30 days in miami jail for hitting and killing a pedestrian last summer. here's how the fans reacted to the newest raven. >> if he stays out of trouble, he'll get a second chance. >> he was a great player in philadelphia. he could be great as a receiver here. >> the organization said after stallworth worked out, they liked what they saw. orioles pitchers and catchers begin working out today, down in florida after 14 years in fort lauderdale, the team will now be based in sarasota. manager dave trently talked about the move to the golf. >> we'll spend a lot more time on the field than we will on the bus, so i think our baseball time will be a lot better spent uh, you know, we have four full fields in the back, plus a
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stadium, half field, the proximity of the ball clubs we play are closer. home opener is the 9th against toronto. game time is 3:05. tomorrow tiger woods will end nearly three months of silence when he publically speaks for the first time since his car accident sparked the surprising revelations of infidelity. however, his agent says woods will not take any questions from the small group of media. on november 27th, woods crashed his suv into a tree outside his florida home. the conference takes place at 11:00 tomorrow morning in florida, home of the pga tour. . >> where are you going to be at 11:00 tomorrow? >> glued to the tv. secret service confronts a man who got a little too close for comfort in vancouver. they believe his target was vice president joe biden. a convenience store was robbed, it's all caught on
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camera, but his elderly friend wasn't having it. she attacked the robber. >> we're looking outside, we've got ourselves still some clouds. snow showers out of here. temperatures mild, 34 degrees this morning. that's a sign of turning the corner. we'll turn the page for a couple days with mild weather. and yes, another storm around the corner as well. we'll talk about that. let's get you outside with the mta and check with mark jones. >> no delays on the camden, penn or brunswick lines. trains running about every 20 minutes. look for buses to be on a limited service schedule. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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taking a look back six hours on our satellite radar composite. marybeth lives in baltimore county, had a light coating of snow on her driveway. that's all we got. could be a little slick, but that's it. no major deal. had a push of snow showers overnight. most of the stuff back to the wegsz will stay back into the mountains. we have light clouds around this morning. they may break up around the bay. we start the day at 34 in
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baltimore, up towards york. also at 34. 32 down towards easton, pax river and ocean city. it is colder to the south and east. windchills down into the 20s. we got a little breeze today. low 30s gets us to a high of about 40. few breaks of sun this afternoon. now let's check on those roads. i heard there was a little ice and snow out there. >> we're looking pretty good so far. expect heavy volume as everyone heads back to work and school. arbutus, traffic is flowing at a pretty good pace. no problems as you make your way northbound and southbound at the beltway. you see really no problems to let you know about right now. you'll see ice around uh, the area, especially north of 695 as you make your way down 83. as justin said, make sure you keep your speeds down.
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taking a closer peek at the city. little bit of refreezing around the area, that should clear up. as we look around the area, on the southbound lanes of the harrisburgh expressway. normal travel times. taking another look here, no real problems between the beltways either. jfx and northern parkway, it's nice in both directions. jamie and megan, back to you. twist of the cards down under. look at this twister in australia. this guy wished he'd have found a long stringy piece of hair in his burger, instead of what he found. [ female announcer ] celebrate your waist
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an unusual security breach involving joe biden. authorities say a mentally ill man slipped past security officers with a homemade pass. got into a private area where mr. biden was sitting and was able to get about 12 rows from the vice president. authorities say the 48-year-old man seems to have an unusual fascination with joe biden, but the vice president was never in danger. the man will not face charges and has since been committed to a psychiatric facility for
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treatment for mental illness. in washington today, the dalai lama is going to be meeting with president obama and the meeting is coming with a lot of criticism, especially for those living in china. people in beijing who oppose the meeting feel this is an unfriendly move on the united states part. let's talk toyota right now. toyota will start placing ads in newspapers featuring an open letter from the editorial of motor sales. the letters says great companies learn from their mistakes. all right, we're going to do this one sitting down. take ourselves outside and try to relax with this one.
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we have temperatures going to push closer, maybe not quite get to normal, but get into a 40s for a few days. 45 in the afternoon. records range from 3 in 1979. yesterday setting a record high mark in the mid-70s. 74, that would be nice. 34 is what we have this morning. we are looking at temperatures that are actually quite mild because of the relaxing upper level pattern. here's the pattern, storm system uh, running its way up east, the upper level pattern has produced snow showers basically other side of the mountains, fairly typical with a cold flow coming off lake erie and ontario. cold air slipping through the northeast. as the pattern begins to relax, turning mild over the next
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couple days. nothing exceptionally warm. we don't want anything too warm, we don't want to melt the snow too quickly. shift it back wider. show you our forecast model, shows a storm on saturday in california. the only similarity to the big storms we had earlier this month, right now it appears this thing will race across the country and probably get here monday and tuesday. this isn't going to be the blizzard. can't tell you how many times i had to answer that question yesterday. how many e-mails i got. this isn't going to be a blizzard, but we could have a snow ice set up monday and tuesday. we're pretty quiet as we take a peak at the mdot cameras.
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traffic is flowing freely on the west side. just going to be see a little ice and refreezing around the area. certain spots on some of the outlying areas. even within baltimore city, snow removal continuing as well. travel times looking good on the harrisburg expressway, take a few minutes to make it down the northern parkway down to st. paul street. we are pretty quiet as you look downtown at the bromo tower. jamie and megan, back to you. time for happy birthday today. this kid will be a nobel prize winner in about 15 years. emanuel from dundalk turns 5 today. he enjoys helping out and telling others what to do. matt dillon is 46 today and vanna white
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is 53 today. if you're having a birthday, we want to know about it. all you have to do is send us a short e-mail with an attached photo of you, your friend, family member, all the details, we'll mention it on the air. the address, morningshow@wma near boston, massachusetts, one granny wasn't going to take any mess from a man who robbed a convenience store. look at this video. police say she was very brave to stand up to the robber. luckily no one was seriously hurt in all this. >> how about that. doesn't look like one man had his way when he opened his
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fish sandwich to sprinkle salt on it. earnest mchenry found a pill laying on the burger. listen to what he had to say. >> wow, i was kind of shocked. i said, wow, look at this. police arrested two employees on charges of poisoning food with intent to kill or injure a person. knowing your family history could mean the difference between a healthy life and dreaded diagnosis. >> there are some things you can do to avoid cancer. i'm linda sow, we'll tell you what they are coming up.
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we got ourselves a relatively quiet pattern for a couple days. we start off this morning with mostly cloudy sky. try to aim for 40 this afternoon and get a little bit more of the sunny breaks. breeze 15 to 20 miles per hour. aiming for close to 40 degrees. 25 overnight. aim for the low 40s tomorrow and saturday and sunday. then maybe more clouds thrown in over the weekend. real story will be this california storm there that tries to reach across the nation and reach us early next week. looks like it could begin early to mid-day on monday with snow and a mixture of ice back to
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snow. it is uh, it's five days out, but doesn't look like anything close to the blizzards we had early this month. a typical fast-moving pattern. right now it is uh, about 5:25. let's go up to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, hbo goes online. the premium cable channel is offering movies and tv shows through the service will be available for verizon fios video and internet customers and offers more than 600 hours of programming. hbogo will expand to other cable companies as well. comcast unveiled a similar service for its subscribers in december. microsoft is turning its desktop e-mail program into a hub that can pull in information from popular social networking sites like facebook, myspace and
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linkedin. you can download the software from microsoft's website. influential magazine wire is showing off what its future will look like without paper. the magazine released a video featuring the app moving beyond the idea of ink on the page. there are also new ways to get a quick overview of the entire magazine and share and save your favorite articles. the app will be available this summer. finally: a device that's already being called an ipad for pre-schoolers. fisher-price unveiled the ixl learning system this week. it's a tiny computer that opens like a book. you can play games, paint, play music and more. for information on all these stories, log onto the technology
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page of those are your tech bytes, i'm jeremy hubbard.
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the five cancers that seem to find women. today we find a way to fight them off. it'll get personal today in annapolis. women who are forced into prostitution speak out on a way to stop the nonsense.


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